Editorial principles

All manuscripts are assessed in the initial phase by the Editor in Chief.

A manuscript can be rejected already at this stage without further review due to ethical considerations, serious substantial errors or non-compliance with the journal's mission.

The turn-around time for new papers is 1-6 days.

Every paper is reviewed anonymously by two independent, anonymous reviewers outside of the unit from which the Author comes (double blind review).

The review is in a written form and ends with a reviewer's decision about rejection or acceptance for publishing without adjustments or with necessary adjustments.

The time for reviewers to evaluate a paper is up to 4 weeks.
The entire review process is electronic.

The Editorial Office of Polish Orthopaedics is not responsible for the statements, opinions and data included in the works or in the advertisements.

The authors do not receive remuneration for publishing their work in Polish Orthopaedics.

The Editorial Office of Polish Orthopaedics do not charge for the submission of the paper and for the publication of the paper.