Review procedure

  1. All submitted papers are subject to a selection procedure with papers selected in this process being referred for review.
  2. Every paper is reviewed anonymously by two independent, anonymous reviewers outside of the unit from which the Author comes (double blind review). 
  3. Time for the review –4 weeks
  4. The work after review:
  • if one review is negative and the other positive, the work is sent to a third reviewer;
  • if the work has been rejected by the reviewers, the editors send an e-mail to the author and give the reason for the rejection;
  • if the work has been accepted by the reviewers, but under the conditions of improvement or correction, the editorial office sends back the work with comments to the author, the author should send the corrected work once again;
  • If the work has been positively reviewed without any comments, the editorial staff sends the work for further publishing.
  1. The final decision on accepting the work is made by the Editor-in-Chief in agreement with the Editorial Committee.
  2. If the author decides to appeal against the decision not to publish his/her article, the final decision on this matter belongs to the Editor-in-Chief.
  3. The entire review process is electronic.
  4. The review is in a written form and ends with a reviewer's decision about rejection or acceptance for publishing without adjustments or with necessary adjustments.
  5. After reception of the review, the secretary of the Editorial Staff informs the Authors about reviewers' comments and the final decision regarding possible publishing of the paper (made by the Editorial Board).
  6. The paper can be qualified for print and sent back to the Authors with suggestions to make some changes (supplements) proposed by the reviewers or the Editorial Staff of the journal.
  7. If the paper is qualified for print, the Authors will receive the paper for revision. The Editorial Staff reserves the right to make slight adjustments and abbreviations to the text. 
  8. If the Author does not submit any objections within 3 working days from reception of the paper, this shall mean that they do not exist, and the paper is subject to publishing.